Here Are Some of the Coolest Inventions of 2024

By Jason Stone
May 27, 2024
Over 30 of Our Favorite Cool, Useful and Best-Selling Inventions

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For over 15 years Grommet has been a place of discovery, where we’ve shared hundreds of clever products and the inspiring stories behind them.

We’re big fans of the small inventors and makers, those who dare to take an idea and share it with the world. We love to support those kinds of dreamers and innovators, and we hope you do too.

Take a moment to explore and discover along with us. You’re sure to find a thing or two that you’ll love enough to share (or just treat yourself to something cool).

Happy exploring!

[All deals featured are verified as of May 28, 2024 at 12:01 pm EST.]

ThePhotoStick OMNI

Instantly backup and protect your photos and videos on every device

When was the last time you backed up your photos? Think about it… These are some of the most valuable files on your computer and your phone. If any of your devices crashed today, how many irreplaceable memories would you lose?

(Like the time my daughter dropped my iPhone into the ocean while on vacation… Every photo from our trip — plus tons more — gone forever.)

ThePhotoStick OMNI backs up all the photos and videos stored on your smartphone, tablet or computer with one touch of a button. So easy!

OMNI works with phones, tablets and computers

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe.

What we love:

  • It works on ALL devices — Computers, phones, tablets, and operating systems including Windows, Apple, Android, Google, and more.
  • One click or tap and you’re done. ThePhotoStick OMNI searches your device and backs up every photo and video.
  • You can backup - or - transfer your files to free up space.
  • No software to install and configure.

Audien Atom

The world’s first wireless charging hearing aids for less than $100

Did you know the average pair of hearing aids cost between $3,000-$5,000… yet they only cost around $100 to make?

This was a complete shock to Audien Hearing founder Arthur Garber when he wanted to help his grandmother find a way to restore her hearing. On her limited budget, $5,000 felt like highway robbery. He knew something had to be done.

Arthur spent years developing the Audien Atom because he believes everyone deserves an affordable and effective solution for hearing loss.

Thanks to Arthur’s invention, over 300,000 people have improved their hearing and quality of life.

If you or someone you know struggle with hearing loss, Audien could be a life-changing gift.

What we love:

  • They provide crystal-clear sound thanks to the advanced capabilities of the built-in Audien Atom Chip.
  • Wireless charging — no batteries to install or replace.
  • 20+ hour battery life — go all day without interruption.
  • No hearing test needed

Snow Teeth Whitening

Get noticeably whiter teeth in 9 minutes

By now you’ve probably spotted pics of celebs on social media sporting Snow’s signature glowing mouth piece. After all, Snow has become the #1 most wished-for — and highest-rated teeth whitening brand.

Snow is cheaper than dentists, easier than strips, and you can use it at home. They invented a proprietary LED-activated whitening system that removes deep wine, soda, coffee and smoking stains.

With a 99.3% satisfaction rating, Snow now has over 1,000,000 happy customers worldwide.

Give the gift of a whiter, more confident smile. (Or treat yourself to Snow while it’s on sale!)

What we love:

  • It whitens teeth fast — get whiter teeth in as little as 9 minutes.
  • It’s safe — Snow won’t harm your enamel, and is safe to use on caps, veneers, braces, crowns, bridges and implants.
  • It’s proven — 97% see visible results after just 1 use.
  • Money-back guaranteed results — try it risk-free.


Relieve pain fast with this microtech patch

Imagine owning a device that can “turn down” your pain when you need it the most. It doesn’t use chemicals or drugs, nor does it change anything about your mind or body.

If someone you love suffers from any kind of chronic pain, providing relief probably sounds like a dream come true…

Thanks to an accidental discovery at a research lab, this type of pain relief has become a reality and it comes in the form of a new microtech patch called Kailo.

It’s a non-invasive patch that’s embedded with billions of tiny microcapacitors. These microcapacitors work together like a bio-antenna that naturally relieves pain.

Also, check out the new Kailo Flex

Kailo Flex puts the power of the original Kailo into a smaller, more flexible form to fit your body’s contours.

Kailo Flex

What we love:

  • It works — Kailo effectively relieves nearly any kind of chronic pain, including back and neck pain, migraines and headaches, knee pain, elbow pain, menstrual cramps, and more…
  • No drugs or medicine — nothing foreign or toxic enters your body.
  • It lasts for years — Kailo is reusable and works through clothing or directly on your skin.


Smear-free “Carbon NanoTech” eyewear cleaner

Seriously, why is it sooo dang hard to get glasses clean? Cloths, wipes, sprays… your shirt… (you know you do it!) You just end up chasing the crud around your lenses.

Peeps cleans lenses unlike anything else.

How? By utilizing the same innovative molecular-carbon cleaning technology used in the aerospace industry on ultra-high-definition optics.

The dual carbon microfiber cleaning pads actually trap and eliminate oil and fingerprints (instead of smearing them around like cloths and sprays).

When you’re finished cleaning, the patented case recharges the cleaning pads with new carbon molecules for the next use. (Independently lab tested for up to 500 cleanings.)

Peeps is a great gift for anyone with eyeglasses or sunglasses.

What we love:

  • It works great — Peeps cleans perfectly every time without smearing and streaking.
  • It’s trusted by over 12,000 Optometrists and the aerospace industry. Over 1.5 million sold!
  • It’s safe for all lenses — Peeps will never scratch or damage your eyewear.


Look better on any camera

Want to love how you look on video calls? Ring lights are the secret. OlumiRing is a smart new wireless ring light that clips onto whatever device you’re using to give you a brighter, more professional appearance on video calls, selfies and more.

OlumiRing Wireless Ring Light

The unique ring shape projects light in 360 degrees, while the built-in diffuser adds a professional look by softening the light. With 1 button you can control brightness and adjust the color for your best look. It’s compact and portable so you can get perfect lighting anytime, anywhere.

What we love:

  • It’s wireless and portable — get perfect lighting anytime, anywhere.
  • It works on all your devices — built-in clip attaches to any phone, tablet, camera, laptop, or desktop.
  • It’s adjustable — change the brightness and color so you can look “mahvelous!”


Save your home videos and photos to digital so your family can enjoy them anywhere

If your family is like mine, each family member has boxes and bins full of old home videos and family photos stashed away, gathering dust. Did you know those precious memories are in danger of being lost forever?

I learned the hard way that VHS tapes lose picture and sound over time, slowly turning to static. Make sure you transfer to digital now to keep your memories alive.

iMemories transfers your old home videos, photos and slides to digital so you can re-live and share your memories online with family and friends. It’s like the “Netflix” of family memories.

To get started, you just send your home movies and photos to iMemories using one of their SafeShip Kits and they do all the work for you. Once digitized, you can download everything to your computer, watch and share online, and even make DVDs/Blu-rays. The best part? You can get started for only $15.

Surprise your family with a screening of everyone’s favorite memories!

What we love:

  • It’s safe — iMemories has digitized over 15 Million memories and has never lost a single one.
  • It’s quick and easy — you don’t have to sort, organize or label anything, iMemories will organize everything for you.
  • You get all of your originals back, safe and sound.

Omega WiFi Amp

Instantly boost WiFi speed and eliminate dead spots

Fast, reliable WiFi is more vital than ever to keep all of your devices connected, and slow speeds and dead spots can really drive you crazy. If your internet is slow, poor signal strength from your router is usually the cause.

The problem is, most WiFi routers aren’t designed to cover more than a small area. That’s where the Omega WiFi Amp can make a massive difference. Simply plug it in and ALL of your devices speed up instantly.

Omega boosts your WiFi signal to hard-to-reach places, ensuring that all of your devices are securely connected with a strong and reliable internet connection. It’s like upgrading your internet service… without paying upgrade fees.

What we love:

  • It’s easy to use — plug it in where you need more signal and faster WiFi.
  • It’s secure — built-in encryption keeps your data safe.
  • It’s compatible — works with existing routers and all devices.


The doctor-approved device that cleans your lungs naturally

If you or someone you love suffers from a lung condition, AirPhysio could completely change their life.

This specially designed device uses a revolutionary method to naturally loosen phlegm in the chest — helping you breathe easier in just a few days. Not only does it help clean the lungs, it also helps increase lung capacity. It’s a must-have for anyone who has trouble breathing.

250,000+ users describe AirPhysio as life changing — Winner of the Start-Up Of The Year and International Best Product Awards.

UPDATE: due to popular demand, they now make AirPhysio for children. Take a look!

What we love:

  • It helps relieve symptoms from asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis — and even temporary conditions like pneumonia, colds and other viruses.
  • It’s safe — uses the same technology doctors have used in hospitals for years.
  • It’s 100% natural & drug-free — no side effects, no refills or prescription costs.
  • It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and lasts for a lifetime.


The “7-in-1” phone charger that could save your life

The React is a phone charger for your car that’s actually a 7-in-1 safety device. It was designed by auto safety experts with features to help drivers escape their vehicle in an emergency.

In a crash, seat belts can jam, doors can get stuck, and windows won’t budge. What would you do?

For years, experts have urged drivers to carry window smashers and seat belt cutters in their vehicles, but the problem is, even if you are one of the few drivers that carry these safety devices, you probably have yours in your glove box (or worse, your trunk) — dangerously far out of reach during in an accident.

Safety devices are useless if you can’t reach them in an emergency!

What’s ingenious about React is that it works as a USB charger for your phone, so you keep it plugged into your dash — always within reach when precious seconds count.

React’s 7 life-saving and everyday features:

  • Razor-sharp Seat Belt Cutter
  • Steel Tip Window Breaker
  • USB Quick-Charger
  • Long-lasting (2200mAh) Power Bank
  • Ultra-bright (140 Lumen) LED Flashlight
  • Strobing Red SOS Beacon
  • Long-range Safety Siren

Give the gift of driving safety.

What we love:

  • It could save your life — it stays right where you need it, not in your glove box or your trunk. It has a special glass-breaker that can be used to knock out your side window and a hidden seat belt cutter to help you escape in seconds.
  • It’s useful every day — hopefully you’ll never need the built-in safety features, but you can always use React to keep your phone charged and have a handy flashlight within reach.



Repair just about anything in seconds

Let’s face it, most glues and adhesives kind of suck… They’re messy and they never seem to hold like they should. Bondic is way better than glue.

Bondic was invented by a dentist who was inspired by the incredibly-strong, UV-cured bonding compounds he used on the job. He teamed up with a chemical engineer and together they developed an ingenious liquid plastic “welding” compound that’s 50X stronger than glue.

You apply the liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it, and it hardens into rock-solid clear plastic in 4 seconds. You can use it to bond, fix, build/re-build, and even fill virtually anything. Once hardened, you can sand, shape and even paint it.

What we love:

  • It’s fast — Bondic hardens in 4 seconds with UV light.
  • It’s ridiculously strong and designed to last a lifetime.
  • It works on virtually anything — plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and more.

Soul Insole

Breakthrough insole brings long-lasting foot pain relief

Foot pain is awful. When your feet hurt, it affects every aspect of your life and it can feel like there’s no escape. Millions suffer from foot pain and left untreated it can lead to more serious conditions like plantar fasciitis, back pain, fallen arches, knee and hip pain, and arthritis.

Soul Insoles are the world’s first “micro-orthotic” memory gel insole. The inventors wanted to create a solution that gives you the benefits of expensive orthotics without the hefty price tag.

These micro-orthotics are versatile and can be used in your favorite footwear: high heels, tennis & running shoes, work boots, hiking boots — even sandals. They fit all shoes… no measuring, no cutting. Slip them in and enjoy soothing support and relief that spreads from your soles up through your whole body.

If you know someone who suffers from foot pain, give the gift of daily relief.

What we love:

  • They’re recommended by podiatrists and physical therapists.
  • They’re versatile — use them in all types of shoes, even sandals (they’re see-through).
  • Guaranteed relief — they work or your money back, hassle free.


Stop snoring at the source… for good

Know a noisy sleeper? You’ll want to check this out.

Experience peaceful nights and more restful sleep with ZQuiet, a practical anti-snoring device.

Designed by a dentist to gently advance the jaw, ZQuiet helps to open up your airway and reduce snoring. ZQuiet is a straightforward solution that can often silence snores from the very first use.

If your partner snores, this is the perfect gift that gives back. ;)

What we love:

  • It works — over 1.5 million satisfied users.
  • It’s simple — works right out of the box.
  • It’s cost-effective — get the same technology as a dentist-fitted device, for a fraction of the cost.

Anything Speaker

Turn anything into a speaker

Here’s a cool way to turn up the tunes wherever you go.

The Anything Speaker uses revolutionary sound conduction technology to turn any hollow object into a powerful speaker — and it’s small enough to fit into your pocket.

You have to hear it to believe it. Try it on anything — your refrigerator, your kitchen cabinets, table tops, even your shower door can sound like a concert!

What we love:

  • Small speaker, big sound — sound conduction technology boosts music volume up to 300%.
  • Pair 2 speakers for immersive 360° stereo sound.
  • Ultra portable — fits in your pocket to go anywhere.


Kill up to 99.9% of germs on your toothbrush

According to research, your toothbrush is likely crawling with over 100 million germs right now. [ref] So disgusting! You’ll probably never look at your toothbrush the same way again…

Don’t stick your toothbrush back in your mouth until you check out Bril. It’s a brilliant new way to keep your toothbrush clean and sanitized between uses.

The 360º UV sterilizing technology kills bacteria all the way down to the base of the bristles, so it’s like brushing your teeth with a fresh toothbrush every time.

Grab Bril for yourself, your family, and anyone else you know who brushes their teeth.

What we love:

  • It’s powerful — 360º UV sterilizing technology kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
  • It’s compact and portable — perfect for home and travel
  • It fits all toothbrushes — electric, standard, large or small… Bril fits them all

FlightPath Golf Tees

Improve your game with this futuristic golf tee

Gimmicky products have been part of golf since… well, as long as the game has existed. But that’s exactly where the new FlightPath Tee sets itself apart.

FlightPath is actually proven to improve your golf game.

No, you won’t become Jack Nicklaus overnight… but you can expect a big enough improvement that you will notice the difference right away.

It’s exactly the kind of invention we love — simple & effective. Treat yourself or give these to the golf fanatic in your life.

What we love:

  • They’re independently tested & proven — FlightPath Tees have been subjected to rigorous, independent robotic testing for proven increases in distance and precision.
  • They’re brilliantly simple — patented design combines spin reduction technology, an angled launch platform, and directional diamond contour.
  • They’re made in the USA — proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Cocoa, Florida.


Diagnose car problems with your smartphone and save on repairs

Protect yourself from shady mechanics. If you’ve ever taken your car in because your Check Engine light came on, only to be broadsided with a long list of repairs, it’s easy to feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

FIXD was invented by a group of engineering students at Georgia Tech who were tired of feeling pushed around by auto mechanics. They developed a special wireless bluetooth sensor and a smartphone app that’s really cool — FIXD shows you what’s going on with your car, in plain English.

Their invention has transformed how millions of people worldwide take care of their vehicles. It’s like having a mechanic in the car with you at all times. That kind of peace-of-mind is priceless, which is why FIXD is a great gift for any driver.

What we love:

  • It shows you why your “Check Engine” light is on — see what’s wrong, how severe it is, and how much repairs should cost.
  • Use it to turn off your “Check Engine” light — great for clearing simple errors (like a loose gas cap) and easy troubleshooting.
  • It continuously monitors your vehicle — get real-time alerts if any issues are detected.

Sight Bulb

The “lightbulb” that protects your home

Too many people put off setting up crucial home security because it’s expensive and a hassle to set up.

This clever invention changes all that. The Sight Bulb is a state-of-the-art security system packed into simple lightbulb design that anyone can install in seconds. Just plug it into any light socket and it’s ready to protect your home.

Thanks to its auto-tracking infrared night vision technology, Sight Bulb delivers brilliant 360° HD video and crisp two-way audio, day or night, indoors or outdoors.

What we love:

  • It’s easy to install — plugs into any light socket.
  • Control it with your smartphone — watch and record in real-time.
  • 360° motion tracking automatically locks onto movement.

Sleepgram Pillow

3-in-1 adjustable self-cooling pillow provides dreamy sleep

For many, sleeping on a cheap unsupportive pillow is the hidden cause of nagging neck pain, headaches, and poor sleep.

That’s why the inventors of the Sleepgram Pillow set out to create the perfect pillow.

The result is a customizable multi-layer pillow, each layer filled with millions of soft nano-coil fibers that hold their shape perfectly and gives your neck the exact level of support you need.

Sleepgram 3 Levels of Comfort

But they didn’t stop there. Everyone loves the cool side of the pillow, right? (If you’ve ever flipped your pillow over to experience the bliss, you know the feeling.) The creators of the Sleepgram Pillow used NASA-inspired cooling materials so the pillow automatically cools itself to help regulate your temperature for the perfect night’s sleep.

What we love:

  • It’s adjustable — choose your combination of layers for the right level of support, whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.
  • It’s self-cooling — NASA-inspired materials regulate temperature.
  • It keeps its shape — millions of nano-coil fibers hold their shape perfectly to give your neck and head proper support.
  • 100 night guarantee — if you don’t love your pillow, return it for a full refund.

Hale Breathing

Instantly breathe better through your nose

“Mouth breathers” get a bad rap, but if you have trouble breathing through your nose then you know how bad it can be. Dry mouth, snoring, poor sleep, bad breath — it can even lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Yikes!

On the other hand, nasal breathing has all sorts of benefits — it humidifies, controls the temperature, and even filters out toxins. But how do you maximize those benefits?

For years, your options were limited. Now there’s an innovative solution: Hale Breathing.

This all-natural nasal insert opens your nasal passages as soon as you put it in, helping you instantly start breathing better through your nose. It’s effective, discreet, and comfortable enough to wear around the clock.

Winner of 6 innovation awards, including 2nd prize at the Johns Hopkins Healthcare Design Competition

What we love:

  • It works — simple, proven effective, and doctor-recommended.
  • It’s 100% drug free — gently and naturally opens your nasal passages to help you breathe better.
  • It’s discrete — unlike nasal strips, Hale is designed to stay comfortably hidden.

Bed Scrunchie

Enjoy smooth tight sheets, night after night

You know the feeling… You slide into bed with fresh clean sheets, all smooth and tight. Soooo nice, right?

Sadly, within minutes your sheets just wrinkle and bunch up. Good feelings gone…

Bed Scrunchie changes all that with a brilliant solution. You just hook it to any fitted or flat sheet, cinch it under your mattress, and your sheets stay as perfectly tight and smooth as the minute you made your bed. I can’t believe no one thought of this before!

Bed Scrunchie

I got one of these as a gift and I’m not sure how we ever had a decent night’s sleep without it LOL. Anyone with a bed needs one of these!

What we love:

  • It works great — use it with any size mattress.
  • Use with any sheets — fitted, flat, bottom or top sheets.
  • It’s easy to clean — run it through any wash and dry cycle.


17 tools in the palm of your hand

Around here, we absolutely love products that are simple and highly useful. The Kelvin17 is exactly that — an innovative gadget that combines a multitude of essential household tools into one simple device.

Kelvin17 Features

Kelvin17’s useful features:

  • Flip-action Screwdriver with 180º & 90º Lock
  • 13 Phillips, Flat, Hex & Torx Bits
  • Carbon Steel Hammer
  • Liquid Level
  • LED Flashlight
  • 3ft Flexible Tape Measure

The Kelvin17 will quickly become your first choice for quick jobs around the house — plus it makes a great gift.

What we love:

  • It’s super versatile — 17 household tools in 1, there when you need ’em.
  • It’s compact — toss it in a drawer or glovebox for quick and easy access.
  • It’s easy to use


Smear-free “Carbon NanoTech” screen cleaner

Smudgy, finger-printy screens are gross (and embarrassing). It’s even worse when you think about all the germs festering there.

From the inventors of the popular Peeps eyeglass cleaner, ScreenKlean was designed to keep your screens clean and crystal clear.

ScreenKlean uses patented carbon molecular technology to safely remove dirt, oil, fingerprints and more from ALL screens. (NASA actually uses this technology on the International Space Station.)

What we love:

  • It safely cleans all screens — smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and more.
  • It quickly removes dirt, oil and fingerprints — no smearing or scratching.
  • It keeps your expensive devices looking sharp.


The ultimate all-in-one gadget holder

Meet Tenikle — the most flexible friend your gadgets could ask for. Inspired by octopus tentacles, this holder bends, twists and sticks to support your phone, camera, or tablet in any situation. It’s fun, funky and functional.

What we love:

  • It’s incredibly versatile — easily morphs to support your devices in any position.
  • It’s super strong — ensures a steady, reliable grip.
  • It’s portable and handy — ideal for travel and on-the-go use.


Turn your outlets into stylish lighting

GuideLight is a revolutionary outlet cover plate that doubles as an LED pathway light and automatic night light. Use it in your hallway, bathroom, child’s bedroom or anywhere you need greater visibility.

GuideLight installs in seconds — no batteries, no bulbs, no wires or electricians needed. The LEDs provide excellent illumination without taking up a socket and they look great in any space.

LED Outlet Nightlights

What we love:

  • They’re easy to install — they snap over existing outlets in seconds, no wiring or electricians needed.
  • They look great — automatic LED lights add a soft glow and elegance to any space.
  • They’re automatic — they turn on when you need them, off when you don’t.


Quite possibly the last pair of reading glasses you’ll ever need

With ThinOptics, you’ll always have your reading glasses handy.

These foldable reading glasses are thin, incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. The ingenious part is that they stick right to the back of your phone or slip into a keychain holder, so they’re always there when you need them… and safely tucked away when you don’t.

On top of comfort, the glasses are made with premium optical-grade materials that are shatterproof and can withstand TONS of weight and damage… literally — you can even run them over with your car!

More than 5 million people have already switched to ThinOptics.

What we love:

  • They’re convenient — folds to fit into a super-slim case that attaches to your phone or keychain.
  • They’re practically indestructible — made with super-durable, flexible Nitinol & polycarbonate.
  • They come in multiple strengths — available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5

UVBrite Water Bottle

The self-cleaning water bottle

Reusable water bottles are everywhere now and were big fans of reducing waste, especially single-use plastics. But, re-use comes with a downside: bacteria.

We recently discovered the UVBrite Bottle and it was love-at-first-sip. UVBrite is an insulated water bottle that purifies your water with powerful UV-C LED technology.

It’s so effective that it neutralizes up to 99.999% of harmful bio-contaminants hiding in your water in seconds at the touch of a button. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa & microbes so you can hydrate with peace of mind.

UVBrite bottles are awesome for anyone who enjoys pure water.

What we love:

  • It’s powerful — built-in UV-C LED technology eliminates up to 99.999% of bio-contaminants from your water
  • It keeps your water cold for 12 hours
  • It purifies itself so your bottle is always stink-free

Paingone Plus

Get the power of TENS pain relief in your pocket

If you’re not familiar with TENS technology, it’s a proven way to bring targeted relief from chronic or acute pain. (TENS = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.)

TENS eases pain by stimulating your nerves, which safely tells your body’s natural opioids and serotonin to “turn off” your pain.

This trusted therapy has been used for decades to quickly relieve pain in hospitals, but now Paingone Plus makes it available to everyone in an easy-to-use, fast-acting, pocket-sized pen that you can take anywhere.

Paingone Plus is a safe and fast way to relieve pain, wherever you need it.

What we love:

  • It works — TENS has been effectively used for decades in hospitals for pain relief.
  • It’s portable — compact and cordless so it goes anywhere.
  • It’s easy to use — no sticky electrode pads, just place it on your pain.
  • It’s fast — deliver targeted relief in 60-90 seconds of treatment time.

LifeVac Choking Rescue Device

Save your loved ones from choking

Did you know that there are over 5,000 choking deaths a year? It’s the fourth leading cause of accidental death worldwide.

LifeVac is a patented life-saving device that is proven to be the most effective way to help a child or adult during a choking emergency. [ref]

It’s easy to use: Simply Place - Push - Pull to save someone from choking in seconds.

Since its invention, LifeVac has saved 650+ lives and counting.

LifeVac is FDA-registered, recommended by hundreds of doctors and medical professionals, and is trusted by over 1,400 schools, Police and Fire/EMS departments worldwide.

Every household, restaurant, workplace and school needs these.

What we love:

  • It works on anyone — children (over 22lbs), adults of any size, even use it on yourself.
  • It’s easy to use — no special skills or training needed, just “Place - Push - Pull.”
  • Lifetime of protection — one kit covers your entire family for life. If you use it, they will replace it free.
  • 650+ lives saved and counting.

My Happy Feet Socks

Soothe your aching feet

Did you know? Most foot pain is caused by swelling and inflammation of your joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. My Happy Feet Socks naturally help relieve this pain by gradually aligning your feet, which improves circulation, relieves swelling and soothes aching feet.

The best part is that they feel amazing!

Think about how great it feels to stretch your arms over your head first thing in the morning after a wonderful night of sleep. Wearing My Happy Feet Socks is kind of like that — but for your feet.

No wonder 800,000+ people already love these socks.

What we love:

  • They feel amazing — these socks are like a warm hug for your feet.
  • They’re recommended by podiatrists and doctors.
  • They have great reviews — 2,500 glowing reviews and counting.


The expandable 2-in-1 cup holder every car needs

This is the cup holder upgrade you didn’t even know you needed. Once you see CupStation, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

CupStation is a new expandable cup holder that allows you to secure virtually any cup — from large mugs and water bottles to “super size” cups, and even awkward objects like food containers and your smartphone. It even pivots to position an extra holder right where you want it.

Not only is it much more convenient, it also helps to prevent dangerous situations (like your water bottle falling and rolling underneath your brake pedal). CupStation is the perfect upgrade for any driver.

What we love:

  • It expands over 6 inches — fits large water bottles, mugs, cups, food containers, and even works as a device holder.
  • It’s versatile — 2-in-1 design lets you hold 2 cups in 1 spot, plus the 360° swivel moves where you want it.
  • It’s easy to install — just place it inside your cup holder and go. Comes with spacers for a snug, custom fit.


Fall asleep 2.5x faster with light therapy

“Busy” and “anxious” has become the new normal and with everything we’ve all got going on in our lives it can be really hard to switch off your mind at night. That’s where Dodow can help.

Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep 2.5X faster than other methods.

By focusing on Dodow’s mesmerizing rhythmic light, your breathing rate slows, your busy mind quiets down, and you’re quickly lulled into a deep, restful sleep. It actually retrains your brain to naturally fall asleep on its own again.

What we love:

  • It’s extremely effective — many users report falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends.
  • It restores your natural sleep patterns — Dodow retrains your mind’s natural ability to fall asleep on its own again.
  • It’s easy to use — activate the 8 or 20-minute sleep cycle (shuts off automatically) and dim/brighten the light by the touch-sensitive surface. Plus, it’s cordless so you can use it anywhere (perfect for travel).

StaySafe Fire Extinguisher

5-in-1 extinguisher protects your family from all types of fires

When a fire breaks out, what do you do? If you said “reach for the fire extinguisher,” you could be making a huge mistake, because not all fires are the same — nor are fire extinguishers! There are actually 5 different types of fire, and each one requires a different method to extinguish safely. If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you could make the problem much worse!

That’s why we recommend StaySafe — it’s a compact, easy-to-use fire extinguisher that uses a revolutionary fluid capable of eliminating all 5 types of common household fires. No guesswork or panic, just quick and easy safety in a lightweight spray bottle.

Give the gift of safety and peace of mind.

What we love:

  • It works on 5 types of fires: electrical, cooking oil, organic materials, flamable liquid, and flamable gas.
  • It’s easy to use — just press the button. No pins to pull or reservoirs to check.
  • It’s compact and lightweight — store it in every high-risk area, right where you need it most. (Kitchen, grill, garage, bedrooms, vehicles, camping, and more.)

Hootie Personal Alarm

Protect yourself and loved ones from attackers and thieves

1 in 3 women will become a victim of violence. That’s a scary statistic! This simple key chain could save the life of someone you love. It’s the Hootie personal safety alarm and it’s small but mighty! Pull the activation pin and it puts out an ear-splitting alarm and flashing strobe light that scares off attackers and thieves.

Even if you’re walking to your car in a dimly-lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. Hootie owners are calling this simple device their “invisible bodyguard.”

This is a great way to show someone they’re loved! Give these to family and friends to help keep them safe wherever they go.

What we love:

  • It’s effective — the ear-splitting 130 dB alarm scares off attackers and signals for help.
  • It’s easy to use — no special skills or training, just pull the pin to set off the alarm.
  • Anyone can use it — peace of mind for women, men, teens and kids.


The fastest and most versatile portable power bank on the market

Mashable calls ChargeHubGO “The only portable battery pack you’ll ever need.” And we agree!

ChargeHubGO is the ONLY portable charger that features patented SmartSpeed® Technology plus it works as a wireless charging pad for super-fast, convenient charging. (Plus having two built-in charging cables is awesome.)

It’s powerful enough to charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who’s always on the go.

What we love:

  • It’s universally compatible — works with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, GoPros — pretty much any device with a USB charger.
  • It’s small but mighty — 5000 mAh battery capacity provides plenty of “juice” for charging.
  • Charge wired or wireless — use it as a wireless charging pad to top off your phone or plug in while on the go.
  • It has 2 built-in charging cables and a USB charging port — less stuff to carry around and never get stuck without a cable.


Fast, drug-free headache and migraine relief

Aculief is a patented, award-winning acupressure device that provides drug-free headache and migraine relief fast.

It works by applying pressure to the LI 4 pressure point (located on your hand between the thumb and forefinger), which is a technique that has been used for thousands of years to treat headaches and provide tension relief.

According Johns Hopkins University “Proper stimulation of the LI 4 pressure point is effective in relieving headaches, pain of the eyes, toothaches, jaw pain, and pain of the limbs and bones.” [ref]

It’s doctor-approved and recommended for fast, effective self treatment.

What we love:

  • It’s simple and it works — Aculief effectively relieves pain through proven LI 4 acupressure. Start feeling relief in as little as 1-3 minutes.
  • It’s drug-free — no organ-damaging side effects or addictive chemicals. Aculief is 100% safe.
  • It’s comfortable — put Aculief on your non-dominant hand and go about your day.
  • It lasts forever — Aculief is extremely durable.

The Wand

Enjoy wine without the “wine headache”

If you love wine, but wine doesn’t love you, you’re not alone. Headaches, sinus pressure, upset stomach, skin flush… you may be surprised to discover that the sulfites and histamines found in all wines could be the culprit.

Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek both suffered with these kinds of reactions, so they spent two years in the laboratory looking for a way to solve the problem and help others.

The ‘Eureka moment’ came one day in the lab when they found the precise means to selectively remove histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine. In fact, they also discovered that removing bitter-tasting histamines and sulfites actually enhances the flavors and aromas of wine.

They turned their discovery into The Wand, a compact ‘stir stick’ that purifies your wine without removing healthy antioxidants.

Bottom line: Better tasting wine without the enjoyment-killing side effects. Brilliant!

What we love:

  • It makes wine taste better — confirmed by independent blind taste tests
  • It helps prevent wine headaches and other adverse reactions
  • It’s portable — individually packaged and easy to slip into a pocket or purse


The last device stand you’ll ever need

At TheGrommet, we’ve tried just about every device stand on the market. Truth be told, most of them kind of fall short in one way or another. This is one we love.

GoDonut is elegantly simple, yet highly functional.

It securely fits nearly every mobile device, from phones to tablets so you can enjoy hands-free from any angle. It’s compact, super portable and built to last a lifetime.

What we love:

  • It works great — use it with smartphones and tablets, either vertical or horizontal.
  • It’s convenient — take it anywhere.
  • It’s indestructible — no flimsy plastic here. You can run this thing over with a truck and still be good to go.


The ultimate compact multi‑tool

Whether at home or out-and-about, getting stuck without the right tools for a quick fix makes you feel pretty helpless.

Keyzmo is an innovative 16-in-1 multi tool that combines the essentials into one simple device. Made from 420 stainless steel, Keyzmo is sleek, portable, super convenient and practically indestructible.

Keyzmo’s useful features:

  • 9 Screwdriver tips • 12 Closed wrenches
  • 1/4″ Bit driver • 1/4″ Open wrench
  • Serrated cutting edge • Scoring tip
  • Bottle opener • Box opener • Can opener
  • 2 Rulers • Protractor
  • Wire stripper • Wire bender
  • Bike spoke key • File

Everyone on our team carries a Keyzmo and it has quickly become a Grommet favorite. It’s a perfect gift for just about anyone.

What we love:

  • It’s super versatile — 16 tools in 1, there when you need ’em.
  • It’s compact — easily fits on a keychain.
  • It’s strong — made from 420 stainless steel, Keyzmo is built to last forever and is backed by a 100% lifetime warranty.


The ultimate 5-in-1 barbeque tool

Every good grill master knows that the right tools can take your grilling from “meh” to marvelous, which is why FlipFork has quickly become a go-to favorite of BBQ pros.

FlipFork combines 5 useful features to do it all:

  • Spatula – extra wide and solid enough to flip a giant 3 lb steak
  • Knife – easily slice through chicken, sausage, pork and even steak without swapping tools
  • Fork – flip and move even delicate meats and veggies around the grill without tongs
  • Tenderizer – use the serrated teeth to tenderize meat and let your seasonings soak in
  • Bottle Opener – pop open cold drinks for you and your guests

FlipFork is a perfect gift for any backyard chef! …and hopefully they’ll thank you with something amazing from the grill! :)

What we love:

  • It’s versatile — “One tool to rule them all.” There’s power in simplicity.
  • It’s sharp — hand-sharpened by an expert blade smith, the stainless steel knife blade cuts through meat like butter.
  • It has a lifetime warranty — engineered to last forever.

Stupid Car Tray

Bring order to your drive

”It’s stupidly obvious… and I love it!”

The Stupid Car Tray could be your car’s new best friend. It fits snugly on your passenger seat to create a level, organized workspace to safely transport drinks, food, laptops and more — no more spills, messes and distracted driving.

It’s perfect for commuters, parents, delivery drivers, and anyone who works from their car.

What we love:

  • It’s simple and it works — 6-in-1 functionality keeps your car organized and safe.
  • It’s versatile — use it anywhere: front seat, back seats, even at home on the couch.
  • It’s easy to use — installs in seconds and stays snug and secure.


Solve foot stink with odor-killing socks

Stinky feet are gross. If you know someone who can clear out a room when they take off their shoes, these amazing socks are a game-changer.

Invented by a college athlete who knew the embarrassment of foul-smelling feet all too well, OX SOX use the power of science to naturally defeat odor at the source — leaving your feet smelling fresh and your mind at ease.

No chemicals, no messy powders, no perfumes — just stink-free comfort.

What we love:

  • They work — stink-free, guaranteed.
  • They’re super comfortable — say hello to your new favorite socks.
  • They have great reviews — 4.97 out of 5 stars.


The ultimate 2-in-1 water bottle and magnetic phone stand

Meet the multitasker’s new best friend: Ringo.

Experience the convenience of a premium vacuum-insulated water bottle that doubles as a phone stand. Whether you’re in the gym, office, or outdoors, Ringo ensures you stay hydrated and connected.

Designed for durability and style, this eco-friendly bottle is perfect blend of form and function.

What we love:

  • It’s super smart — switch between hydration and phone usage.
  • It’s premium quality — dual-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.
  • It’s stylish and practical — looks great anywhere you go, whether in the office, gym, or outdoors.


Liven up any space with tiki torch wireless speakers

Quite possibly the coolest wireless speaker ever made, TikiTunes is an award-winning Bluetooth speaker that also instantly transforms the atmosphere of any space — indoors our outdoors — with the soothing ambiance of a tiki torch.

And it’s not just a great looking speaker, the sound quality is impressive with surprisingly punchy bass for its size and you can easily pair two speakers together for true stereo surround sound.


The warm LED light flickers just like real flames and it works with or without music. You can also listen to music with or without flames. TikiTunes speakers are waterproof, dustproof, lightweight and portable.

TikiTunes makes a great gift for anyone who loves music, backyard entertainment or outdoor adventures.

What we love:

  • It’s a crowd-pleaser — people always ask “Wow, where did you get that?!”
  • You can take it everywhere — indoors or outdoors, TikiTunes is dustproof and water resistant.
  • It plays up to 10 hours on a single charge — no cords to get in the way.

Whippy Charge

The ultimate charging cable

With its 540° rotating magnetic connector, the Whippy Charge cable is quickly becoming the “most wanted” tech accessory of .

It’s designed to be universally compatible so you can charge all of your devices with one cable, including iPhones & iPads, Android phones & tablets — and just about anything else with a USB charger.

What really sets this cable apart is the 540° rotating head that magnetically “snaps” to your device for easy one-handed use, and pivots to any angle.

This is the perfect cable for anyone with a mobile device.

What we love:

  • It’s universally compatible — works with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones — pretty much any device with a USB charger.
  • Rotating charging head — rotates 540° (360° rotation + 180° bend).
  • Magnetic connection — charging cable “snaps” to devices effortlessly for easy one-handed use.
  • Superior durability — nylon braided cord and reinforced connectors.
  • Blue LED light — built-in, low intensity indicator light helps you find your cable in the dark.

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